Monday, 18 July 2011

Mini-vid editing complete!

Today Rob and I finished editing our mini-vid after starting to piece it together on Thursday. The track 'The Box' by 'Orbital' was completely instrumental therefore we produced a concept video which is one of Goodwin's 3 types. Our version of the video is approximately 41 seconds long. This fits the criteria of video having to be between 30-60 seconds.

We filmed the video in BlueBell Woods, Ilkley. The concept of the video was that two masked men were roaming through the woods as well as there being a narrative enigma over their identity. If we were to go onto shooting more footage for the video and finish the song we would cross cut between these two men and an ordinary pedestrian who would get captured by these two unknown figures.

In this video we have used footage of the HD cams and also footage off an IPhone. The reason we did this was because the battery ran out on the HD cam. Editing in Final Cut Express gave us the first chance to play around with multiple video layers. We used effect twice in our video.

The mini-vid is a learning process and the biggest thing I've learned is the need for shot variation and short takes. We were creating a video to a dance track and we had around 20 shots to work with. In our video we have used long takes which for the concept we have thought up works to a degree but really needs to be shorter takes and more shot variation.

There is a possibility we may go back and tweak this the video however we feel that it is finished and that we've created the best video possible with the footage we had. This has been a valuable learning process and something that we'll definitely remember when producing our music video for this years coursework.

If I were to do this again there are a few crucial things I would do. Firstly plan a lot more, it is vital to do this so you know exactly what you are doing and fully know the purpose of each shot and allow you maximum efficiency when filming as you can be often under strict time constraints. Secondly you need to shoot probably double the footage you may have planned for, the use of short takes in music videos are so important and that is the thing I've learned most from doing this mini-vid. Shot variation is vital, even if it's the same shot just from a different angle it is sometimes enough, you must make sure you have enough shots. The one thing that was stressful last year making our film openings was re-shoots. So this year I'm determined to plan for a huge array of shots.

Here is our edited mini-vid. (please excuse the black space after footage finishes, we accidentally left the excess of the track on at the end so the video does officially end at 41/2 seconds.)

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