Monday, 11 July 2011

Initial Idea for A2 MusiVid

'The Starland Vocal Band' - "Afternoon Delight" this song was released in 1976 and hit No.1 on the US charts. The song does have a video along with the track (see below). It would be OK too use despite already having a video for the song as it over 30 years old.

The popular comedy film 'Anchorman' starring Will Ferrel made a rendition of this classic hit playing their own characters in the video (see below). This comic joke version of the video offers an interesting angle to work from. If I was to proceed with this idea I would definitely consider playing off these characters in something that would hopefully include that comic edge.

The other option would be to play off the lyrics and tap in to the true meaning of the song. The original video is all performance as the band plays on an open stage in the street. Therefore it opens the possibility for a concept/performance or narrative video.

1 comment:

  1. Its a tune of such naffness it would need a very ironic vid to make it marketable to youth
    Anchorman is v popular with your generation, but a straight copy wouldn't really be enough for coursework; you'd have to put your own stamp onto it
    Playing with the idea of a folk band might be fruitful: how can you render that youth-unfriendly genre attractive, probably through postmodern humour?