Friday, 15 July 2011

Editing Mini-vid

Yesterday myself and Rob Shaw began editing our mini-vid for the track 'Orbital'. This is a practice music video ranging for 30-60 seconds. We made a bit of progress editing around 15 seconds of the footage so far.

Since our Final Cut tutorials, we had forgotten some things so once again at this stage of year it was another useful learning process. Such things as importing footage of a Phone took up a bit of time as we failed to import it correctly. Other thing such as suffering video lag was a problem and slowed the process down. Overall it was a productive lesson and we got some good footage edited.

Rob and I are working well together especially on the editing side of things after we together produced the car park section of the Britney video. Now we will be looking to finish this second project by Monday. Unfortunately I'm ill today so Rob will have to solider on without me.

Click here for a link to information on our mini-vid.

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