Monday, 11 July 2011

Media Day

Tomorrow is Media day and we've been given the challenge of remaking the famous Britney Spear's video 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'.

We have been split up into 4 groups between 2 classes and there are 4 locations to shoot on, Classroom, Corridor, Carpark and Gym scenes, these location have depicted our groups.

I'm in the Carpark group and we will be collaborating with the Corridor group to provide extra's for each other. I've taken upon the role of Cinematographer in our group. There are other areas that people are managing such as; Director, Producer, Costume/Make-Up, General Manager and Choreographer.

One of the main challenges we will have tomorrow is lipsincing. We will be practising early on in the morning along with rehearsal's of any dancing etc. We obviously want to get it at as close to the original version as possible whilst having our own uniqueness to it. One way we will be achieving this is by having everybody involved playing the part of Britney in at least one shot. The use of our extremely attractive, stylish blonde wigs will help us full off Britney impersonators.

It will be a lot of work with numerous speed bumps sure to trip us up along the way. I think it will be a lot of fun and most importantly give us a sense of the sheer volume of work that has to go into producing a music video.

Last year's A2 students did this last year, and as we are never going to reach the heights of the official video this is our bench mark.

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