Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Britney Spears Remake

Today we were split into 4 groups to remake Britney Spears 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'. My group including Rob, Mel, Kyle and Asa. Emily and Charlotte were also assigned o our group but were absent. Because the numbers of people in each shot outweighed the numbers in our group we called upon extras from the Corridor group.

In P1 we practised lipsincing, this was slightly awkward despite being in small groups as singing is not a lot of peoples strong suit is. Moving into P2 we tried to do rehearsals of some shots and sort out which extra's would be needed when.

We were taking vodcast's throughout the day, we took some early footage of some dancing up at our car-park location. It was challenging to teach certain people the choreography and to give actual direction. We came back in P4 after lunch and started to rattle through each shot with the help from the messiah Dave!

Through the use of many extra's we were able to re-create the shots with some very unique dance moves. We found it was very challenging as we had to direct so many people all try to do things that don't come naturally. I think everyone agreed that when you loosen up and forget how ridiculous you may look the funner and easier it is to do.

After rounding out all the dancing shot we went to a different location and shot our CU's in someone's car. This required lipsincing but given that we were seasoned pro's at this now it was a just a matter of finishing off.

Reflecting on it now, the lack of a detailed on our call sheet was a major stumbling block and made it a challenge to overcome. Overall we should of planned better but with a lot of effort we got the job done which was good. I think everyone enjoyed it which was the main thing and we all learned a lot about the process of making a music video.

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