Monday, 4 July 2011

First attempt at a music video

We formed groups and the task was to shoot 30-60 seconds of footage for a chosen track. Each group were given 3 tracks, one was Rock another Pop and the final track was a Dance track (no lyrics). Our group chose the Dance track 'The box' by a British dance band 'Orbital'

We initially brainstormed the our various idea's and as their was no lyrics to go on, it was up to us to come up with a concept. We decided to set our music video in Bluebell Woods. This would be the setting for the mysterious activity of two masked, well dressed men. We planned to cross-cut these shot with a regular man walking down the street. This could be interpreted in many different ways as it is polysemic.

Our filming went well for a first try at music videos. It was a helpful learning experience as the camera ran out of battery as we failed to properly turn off the camera... Oops! This meant we had to finish filming the last few shots on an iPhone. We are still waiting to edit the footage which will allow us to see if we shot enough variation. The new challenge of creating music videos comes with the pleasure of new software and hardware; Final cut editing software and HD camera's.

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